To assist the RTCA committees in achieving their goals as defined in their terms of reference. To ensure that RTCA committees, groups, task forces and other groups as assigned, achieve consensus recommendations and products in accordance with RTCA policies and procedures. To lead other RTCA initiatives as assigned by the Vice President of Aviation Technology and Standards.


Report to the Vice President, Aviation Technology and Standards. Provide advice, counsel and assistance to the RTCA Program Management Committee, Special Committees, subordinate groups and their members, as well as Policy work groups as appropriate to ensure necessary coordination. Work as a team member with all RTCA staff members to provide responsive assistance/support to all RTCA volunteers and members and to ensure the timely production of quality products and events. Provide input on RTCA infrastructure initiatives. Coordination with outside domestic and international groups, e.g., EUROCAE, ICAO as needed.


  • Provide program management direction and support to RTCA special committees in the development of RTCA documents
  • Ensure special committee adherence to schedules and scope of work and all other aspects documented terms of reference
  • Assist the Vice President in managing the Drone Advisory Committee and its subordinate groups
  • Provide program management direction and support to the Drone Advisory Committee subcommittee and its subordinate groups
  • Manage all logistics of executive-level Drone Advisory Committee meetings by working with the host organization to plan, set up, and run a public committee meeting (site visits, conference facility layout, catering, RSVPs, audio/visual equipment needs and set up)
  • Assist committees and working group/sub group on establishing meeting dates, locations and times, scheduling and starting virtual teleconferencing sessions and assisting members and staff in the use of the teleconferencing system
  • Identify and help resolve issues facing the committees and work with committee leadership
  • Support the committees' use of KAVI Workspace for all aspects of their work, including the Final Review and Comment (FRAC) period for documents, for selected committees
  • Provide timely responses to inquiries regarding committee status and activities
  • Function as a technical editor for meeting summaries, draft/final documents and other committee products prior to distribution/publication
  • Ensure that committees operate according to RTCA rules and Federal Advisory Committee guidelines
  • Attend and assure adequate meeting support throughout the meeting; Suggest ideas for improving support to committees through use of automation or other techniques
  • Assist in establishing new committees. Help draft TOR. Help identify and solicit members for new groups, ensuring a balanced and broad set of constituents populate the group
  • Promptly obtain a meeting summary, to include the committee chairman's concurrence, following each committee meeting
  • Ensure timely publication of high-quality committee standards and other documents called for in committee terms of reference
  • Ensure maintenance of a current summary of committee members, working group members, committee deliverables and milestone dates
  • Provide timely updates of committee activities to public sites and RTCA publications
  • Maintain familiarity with pertinent civil aviation regulations, e.g., FARs, TSOs, Advisory Circulars and Orders, etc.
  • Carry out other RTCA duties as assigned, including support to RTCA training initiatives, the RTCA Symposium, coordination with international standards organization and other related organizations as well as other RTCA initiatives

Required Experience/Skills:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in aviation business, preferably in aviation communications, navigation, surveillance and/or air traffic management
  • Knowledge of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), their uses, types, limitations, capabilities, and the current rules governing their operation
  • Knowledge of the National Airspace System and Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) and Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems a plus
  • Knowledge of international standards and standards organizations
  • Knowledge of emerging US and European Air Transportation Systems, e.g., NextGen and SESAR
  • You must have strong organization, leadership, writing, and computer skills
  • Ability to compose technical documents, correspondence, and articles for publication in the RTCA Digest
  • Must have an ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Should have strong communications skills
  • Ability to draft and finalize correspondence
  • Experience in Adobe Acrobat & Microsoft Office (especially: Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Project managements skills and experience a plus


Bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, aeronautics or related field required. Master's degree preferred.


Salary range commensurate with GS-14 or GS-15, depending on experience


Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to employment@rtca.org