To be a professional team member in the operation of the NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC) and its subordinate work groups and task groups (referred to below as “groups”), as well as other policy and operational advisory groups established at RTCA.

Specific Tasks:

  • Serve as Secretary for the NAC Subcommittee (NAC-SC) – includes developing agenda, developing meeting summary, tracking action items, generating power point slide presentation, and related logistics
  • Work with the leadership of the NACSC, and subordinate groups of the NACSC to help them deliver on commitments as defined in the NAC terms of reference and/or tasking letters from the FAA
  • Serve as liaison for Task/Work Groups as assigned
  • Provide logistics support for both on-site and virtual RTCA meetings
  • Ensure all required information is gathered, distributed and kept current to support the NACSC and as appropriate, to comply with the federal advisory committee act
  • Gather data, provide subject matter expertise to RTCA VP of Policy and Programs and leadership of committees listed above
  • Develop articles and stories for website and organization newsletter
  • Provide support to Tactical Operation Committee as assigned
  • Provide support to other policy and operations committees as assigned


Report to the RTCA Vice President of Strategy and Programs.  Work as a team member with all RTCA staff members to provide responsive assistance/support to all RTCA volunteers and members and to ensure the timely production of quality products and events.  Provide input on RTCA infrastructure initiatives.  Coordination with outside domestic and international entities, FAA, and other U.S. governmental entities.


  • Assist RTCA Vice President in establishing new working groups, tasks groups and other groups related to policy and operations 
  • Ensure the Subcommittee/working group/sub group leadership understands the taskings and provide assistance in meeting schedules, in the development of recommendations
  • Attend group meetings, and provide support to group leadership to enable them to deliver timely products that are responsive to the committee terms of reference and develop meeting summaries as required
  • Provide support in reaching consensus on groups - identify issues facing the groups and work with group leadership to resolve
  • Gather relevant background information as needed to support the work of the groups.
  • Develop and leverage a network of experts among RTCA members and sponsors that will aid the success of the organization
  • Provide timely responses to inquiries regarding groups’ status and activities
  • Function as a technical editor for draft/final documents and other group products
  • Support the groups’ logistical requirements including the use of KAVI Workspace for all aspects of their work, meeting dates, locations and times, scheduling and starting virtual teleconferencing sessions
  • Ensure that groups operate according to RTCA rules and Federal advisory committee guidelines as appropriate

Required Experience/Skills:

  • Minimum 5 years of aviation experience
  • Knowledge of the FAA’s NextGen Program and familiarity with similar global initiatives
  • Knowledge of air traffic control and/or aviation communications, navigation and surveillance systems
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Experience in facilitating group consensus
  • Strong writing skills:
    1. Ability to draft and finalize correspondence
    2. Ability to compose policy documents, correspondence and articles for the RTCA Website and Digest
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Strong computer skills - Experience in Adobe Acrobat & Microsoft Office (especially: Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint) 


Bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, aeronautics or related field required. Master's degree preferred.


Salary range commensurate with GS-14


Interested candidates should submit a cover letter and resume to employment@rtca.org